If a man is indifferent, he’s indifferent: you can only make him jealous if he cares a little bit.

Yeah, I think this is the point of Bhetti’s article: the reason girls even attempt to make guys jealous is because they’re trying to elicit a response that shows he cares.

curtis PERMALINK September 30, 2009 7:28 pm At the trivial level – a late night walk home from the tube. He should offer to pick you up – should insist on it.

Hope PERMALINK September 30, 2009 7:44 pm So was it really so horrid? When you both dealt with it? And won’t you be more secure when and if it might happen again (as in, might it actually be a good thing, indicating that you do actually care if you lose him, although you want him to be happy. Might it actually be a good thing, allowing you to share and heal with each other, thus feel closer.

From my perspective, f I had to put a value judgment on it, I would say it was not “horrid,” but also not “good.” It is something I accepted and understood. Still, I would rather that this woman did not show interest in him. The event did allow us to share, but we are already so close that any shift in our intimacy is of secondary concern.

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