Hello Assanova,

You mentioned that you were going to go back to grad school to study more on the social sciences. What will you be studying? I just graduated from college myself, and am interested in utilizing my interest in deductive reasoning, psychology, problem solving and studying how humans interact with each other.

Thanks for the information,

And the second:

Thanks for taking a look at my pics and giving me those tips. I can see that you are serious about what you do. Ever thought about teaching this stuff to kids at an elementary school or middle school level? I think society would be much better off and much more productive if kids learned this stuff at an early age!

I am taking steps to implement the improvements you suggested. I have been lifting weights twice a week since April, and I have gained quite a bit of muscle mass, but I am working on gaining a bit more weight. I am bringing one of the girls that lives in my apt. building with me shopping to help me update my wardrobe soon (she actually offered to go with me and help when I mentioned I was going to be updating my wardrobe).

There are a couple things I wanted to address about some of your recent posts. You mentioned that there was a new king of pickup or something like that. Have you ever checked out any of Vin DiCarlo?'s stuff? In my opinion he is one of the best, especially for guys with an analytical mind that tend to overthink situations (like myself). He teaches what it means to be a true alpha male (based on human evolution) and exactly how to get there.

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